In 2007, we escaped our big-brand-footwear jobs to found a shoe company built on one principle:
True to the Trail.

That phrase keeps headquarters in trail-crazy Bozeman, Montana; makes planting a tree for every pair sold a no-brainer; and guides both our business ethics and our shoe design process. (It also sounds cool when emotionally belted as a 80s power ballad chorus. Not that we do that all the time.)

The Team

  • John Connelly

    El Presidente
    • Former owner of Captain Snow Ball. Sold snow cones, wore cape. What's funny?
    • Builds most of the team's office furniture. Which is why we all have sawdust on our computers.
    • Had to start his own footwear company because he'd already worked for all the other ones. (Mostly.)
  • Tim Tripp

    King of 10-Key
    • Can work the calculator keypad at warp speed—while holding a conversation.
    • Sucker for Oreos, 60s pop, and the Oboz soccer team.
    • Hospitalized in botched cat rescue attempt. (Sorry, kitty.)
  • Chuck Roth

    Legendary Shoe Designer
    • Your other 30 favorite outdoor shoe brands? Chuck worked for them too—before Oboz.
    • Can't spell. Can peak-bag, windsurf, kiteboard, backpack, run, mountain bike, and ski.
    • Winner of a zillion footwear awards. Highest honor? Making his kids laugh until they barf.
  • Derek Gustafson

    Shoe Dreamer & Schemer
    • Bona-fide ski-movie star. Not gonna tell you which one.
    • Develops shoes, then sees how fast he can wear them out: running, hiking, climbing…
    • Once got lost in Baja, almost drowned, slept in the dirt, and escaped on a motorcycle. "It was awesome."
  • Brad Long

    Overseer of Invention
    • Loves to take what's on paper and make it into something you can hold in your hand. Or put on your feet.
    • Was able to sneak up on 6 bears while carrying a canoe... not on purpose.
    • Enjoys getting lost & found in the same day while looking for alpine lakes to fish.
  • Seth Brown

    Footwear creation mastermind
    • Enjoys the freedom & independence of the great outdoors. Oh, and drinking wine on his front porch.
    • Learns as much from his kids as they learn from him… maybe more from them.
    • Loves camping anytime, unless: you’re in a tent, it’s midnight, sub-zero and you gotta go.
  • Dave Dolph

    Wandering Oboz Guru
    • Started in footwear back when purple spandex was cool—the first time.
    • Thinks one should shave regularly. Like once a year.
    • Survived a three-day Oboz interview. (We're picky.)
  • Christian Mason

    Rep Wrangler
    • Past lives: raft guide, camp counselor, kayak instructor, ski racer, NOLS grad.
    • Past homes: '83 Toyota SR5 long-bed pickup truck. Half red, half…rust.
    • Only works in the outdoor industry. Hardest job? Blueberry raker. (No, wait—being a dad.)
  • Pam Malyurek

    Number Crunching Ninja
    • Grew up near Glacier National Park. College and career by Yellowstone.
    • Float, fish, good.
    • Loves sand and sun (but she'll take snow and mountains).
  • Jeni Anthon

    Countess of Bean
    • Excels at the 100-yard dash. Particularly when chased by a bison.
    • Traded the thrill of skydiving for the (slightly safer/cheaper) rush of rockhounding.
    • According to the two men in her life (Maximillian I and II), builds a mean Lego spaceship.
  • Chris Rischke

    Office Magic 8-Ball
    • Hometown in Germany is where the world’s strongest beer is brewed. Hope he brings back samples sometime.
    • An inventor of the sport Ultimate Croquet. Think full contact with mallets, beverage in hand required and dressed to the nines.
    • Just started backcountry skiing, but already has the bug to heli-ski in Alaska.
  • Elizabeth Sinclair

    Customer Service Superstar
    • Moved to Montana to work in a fly-fishing lodge.
    • Rammed a parked car on her bike. Converted to avid hiking.
    • Unstoppable. Especially when stalking fish, devouring books, and bingeing on New Girl episodes.
  • Steve Lowry

    Smooth Operator
    • Skis can double as a lift-line bed when you're serious about first chair.
    • Paid for Japan ski trip by subsisting on free pizza from former job. Every day. For a year.
    • Skiied Niseko powder. Hut-toured Alaska. Still ranks Bridger Bowl #1.
  • Kate Geraets

    Customer Service Catalyst
    • Thinks any hike that ends in hot springs is a winner, hard to argue with that.
    • Will never dye her hair purple again. Maybe Oboz green?
    • Used to sing for tips. If you see her ask for a song, but be prepared to pay.
  • Iain Massucci

    Footwear Phone Phenom
    • First learned the importance of some good GORP and a pocket knife in VT, but still lives by it in MT.
    • Started out precision fitting ski boots. Now he helps precision fit Oboz.
    • Once mono-skied. Once and only once, enough said.
  • Josh Wise

    Chief Doodler
    • Brought extreme canoeing to Montana. Briefly. (RIP, canoe.)
    • Can see Minnesota from his boyhood home in Wisconsin. Talks like it, too.
    • Bikes, hikes, skis, camps, fishes and ice climbs. Don't ask about swimming.