Name: Alyssa Hitchcock

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Where I’ve Been: I’ve hiked John Muir Trail twice, once in ~10 days. My husband and I spent two years living and working out of a school bus that we turned into an RV, traveling to all of the best hiking spots in the Western US. To us, work/life balance is paramount. 

Why I Hike: Hiking provides an opportunity to get out of the busy world and reset my priorities. Funnily enough, I always have my best ideas while hiking! l

Where To Next? I'm training my pup to be a Search and Rescue dog, a process that takes about two  years and includes a lot of hiking. I spend 20+ hours per week working dogs in several different disciplines including trailing, live "area" find, cadaver, water search, and avalanche. People get lost in the worst of conditions, so we train no matter the weather!

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Twitter: @outsidefound