Elliot “Beats” Pacheco


Name: Elliot “Beats” Pacheco 

Hometown: Perth Amboy, NJ

Where I’ve Been: I’ve hiked almost every major hike in NJ, but my go-to Hike is the Wyanokie High Point Trail in the Norvin Green State forest in Wanaque, NJ. In 2018 I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail.

Why I Hike:  In Perth Amboy there are no mountains or trails nearby for miles and miles. It’s a city that is constantly on the go. Everyone’s goal here is to get a job and move to New York City. Hiking sets me apart completely. I made history by becoming the first person to ever attempt and complete a thru-hike from Perth Amboy. I also hike to diversify the trail. On my thru-hike, it dawned on me how few and far between people of color are on the trail. There are less people of color than women and nobody raises awareness for diversity on the trail. So I will be the one to do that by becoming a Triple Crown Hiker.

Lead The Way: In 2019 I plan on thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada for my second leg of my Triple Crown expedition. It’s going to be amazing walking through 300 miles of the Mojave Desert and post-holing through 3 foot deep snow in the Sierras. What an adventure that will truly be.

Ambassador Focus: #thruhike

Find Me:

Instagram: E4Exploring

YouTube: E For Exploring