Jennie Tai


Name: Jennie Tai

Hometown: Northern Virginia

Where I’ve Been: In 2018, I was driving to my hotel in Denver, Colorado when I saw my first mountain, and it took my breath away. Then I saw my first “14er” and it blew my mind. A few days later, I hiked through Eldorado Canyon, the Flatirons, and did my first backpacking trip in the White River National Forest before heading north to the Canadian Rockies. And that was just the beginning!

Why I Hike: I love that every trail and experience I have is my own. I spent the last six years in the tech startup grind deciding how a mobile app should interact with people, and realized that many of our daily experiences are repeatable, because they’re curated by other humans (a song we here, a movie we watch, a video game we play, etc). But when you're outside, that moment belongs to you, and only you. I’m drawn to that magic, and I look for it every time I immerse myself in the outdoors.

Lead The Way: The only place in the United States where expensive white truffles grow in the wild, Oregon is my first stop in 2019 where I’m kicking off the new year with a wild truffle hunt. In February, I’m escaping the East Coast chill with a ten day trek through Patagonia’s Torres del Paine during the region’s Summer season. Other destinations include Havasupai Falls and the Wave in Utah (which requires me to win a permit by lottery, so please wish me luck!); backpacking in Colorado, Acadia in the fall, and the Faroe islands. 

Ambassador Focus: #backpacking

Find Me:

Instagram: @hijennietai

Twitter: @hijennietai