Mason Thompson


Name: Mason Davis Thompson

Hometown: Cumming, GA

Where I’ve Been: One of my most memorable adventures was to Cumberland Island. I backpacked up and down the island for a week. I've also been out west and hiked a few mountains in Cimarron, New Mexico. I've seen the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Rockies and I've surfed down sand dunes. I mainly hike the mountains in Georgia and North Carolina. My favorite mountain in Georgia would have to be Mt. Yonah.

Why I Hike: Initially it was to escape the hustle and bustle of life. Along the way a few friends picked up their packs and joined me, and I realized how much fun it can be together. Now I hike not only for myself but also to educate others for a lifetime of outdoor stewardship.

Lead The Way: I've got a few collaborations planned with friends in NC as early as New Years. But I've also got a nice backpacking trip covering 30-45 miles of the AT in the works. Oh! And I'll also visit a few friends in Death Valley to do some desert hiking!

Ambassador Focus: #thruhiking

Find Me:

Instagram: @that_granola_dude

Facebook: Mason Davis Thompson