Tristan Hogue


Name: Tristan Hogue

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Where I’ve Been: I’m born and raised in Quebec, but I have discovered my passion for mountains in Alberta, home of the Canadian Rockies. Recently, I circumnavigated Mont Blanc in France where I witnessed some of the most beautiful sceneries in my entire life. I am now at almost 100 unique mountains climbed and this number will only grow in the next few months!

Why I Hike: Mountains are my solution. They made me understand that life is much bigger than our problems, as big as they can be. Mountains became the air I breath, the water I drink. It just became a part of me that, if it dies, I die with it.

Lead The Way: Leaving for Zermatt in the summer, I will be taking my mountaineering skills on to the next level. It is time to explore some new areas of this gorgeous planet we live on, and I plan to do that by checking off as many Swiss peaks as I can!

Ambassador Focus: #fastandlight

Find Me:

Instagram: @trist.hogue

Facebook: Tristan Hogue