Victoria Valchev


Name: Victoria Valchev

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Where I’ve Been: I’ve hiked around quite a bit in the Canadian Rockies, since that’s home for me, but hiking ends up being an essential part of every trip I go on as well. I’ve backpacked the West Coast Trail and on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Last year, I hiked through a few huts in the Austrian Alps and a few months ago I roamed around Chamonix, France. The Western United States also holds a special place in my heart.

Why I Hike: Hiking became an essential part of my life six years ago and it has morphed into trying out a lot of other mountain sports, mainly every kind of climbing out there. While that does take up most of my time now, hiking is the best way to cardio train for bigger objectives and I will never stop loving seeing what I can accomplish by only using my two feet. Hiking is also my favorite way to catch up with a friend. 

Lead the way: My 2019 plans are still a bit of a mystery but I think the theme will be volcanoes. I’d love to visit gems like Mount Rainier and Mount Hood and there are several volcanoes in Mexico that I have my eye on.

Ambassador Focus: #hiking

Find Me:

Instagram: @alpinewithv

Facebook: Victoria Valchev 

Twitter: @alpinewithv