Oboz Womens Bridger Low Bdry Magenta Alt 1
Oboz Review: Women's Bridger Low BDry
By Anne Wild

I was looking for a pair of low, lightweight hiking boots , something I could wear on my regular hill walks, whilst riding my bike...

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Jesse Cunningham Boot Fitting 1
Boot Fitting Tough Love Part II: 3 Myths about Boot Fitting
By Jesse Cunningham

Cover image: A lightweight low-cut boot is a good choice for day hiking established trails like the Colorado River Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park...

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Dsc 0186
Oboz Review: Switchback
By Guest Blogger

Editor note: We recently partnered with Trevor Thomas to help sponsor his adventure camp for visually impaired children run through his foundation, Team FarSight. Trevor...

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Jesse Cunningham Hiking 1
How To Buy (The Right) Boots, Part 1
By Jesse Cunningham

Image: Hiking a remote section of rocky coastline on the island of Crete. This is not the place to discover that your boots don't fit...

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What Designations Does You Favorite Trail Have Photo By Renee Patrick
Protect Your Public Lands: A User's Guide
By Renee-Patrick

Image: Take some time to learn about public lands surrounding your favorite trails. Photo by Renee Patrick

After huffing up the 2,000-foot climb out of Big...

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2014 07 10 08 51 15 Taylor
Trail Finder: Jackson Hole's Coal Creek Meadows to Mt. Taylor Summit
By Dina Mishev

Trail Name: Coal Creek Meadows to Mt. Taylor

Trailhead: Coal Creek Trailhead is at the bottom of the western side of Teton Pass...

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Img 7786
How To Use Trekking Poles (and Why)
By Aaron Ibey

While hiking the Appalachian Trail one of my most favorite pieces of gear were my trekking poles. Trekking poles, like ski poles, allow your arms...

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Img 20160701 224545
Oboz to The Rescue
By Guest Blogger

Editor’s note: Kimberly Piscadlo (trail name McGoober) reached out to us late last year to apply for an ambassadorship. Unfortunately we had to turn her...

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20170417 143118
Trail Vets: Hiking and Healing
By Nick Myers

Cover image: Easter R&R in Erwin Tennessee with trail family. Images: Nick Myers

I founded TrailVets after becoming a believer in the power of wilderness therapy. ...

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Side Crest Mid
Oboz Review: Crest Mid
By John V. Young

Since the beginning of March, I’ve worn the Crest Mid every day in my work as a fishmonger. I work in a cold environment and...

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Elk Knob Summit Trail Collage
Trail Finder: Elk Knob Summit Trail
By Guest Blogger

Our friends at Mast General Store in Boone, North Carolina, know their trails inside and out. Here’s where they recommend you go for a classic...

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