Global supply challenges and how they affect our business

Part of being the “true to the trail” brand is bringing you the truth about our inventory challenges. 

What you’re seeing--or, what you’re NOT seeing--is a result of a few things: a strong demand for outdoor gear like footwear, transportation delays, and Covid-19 resurgences across the globe. These “situations” have all directly impacted our factories.

The good news.

After being closed for 90 days, our factories are now open. Which means...footwear is being made again! <Que the celebration music>

Of course this doesn’t exactly mean it’s business as usual, as everyone’s still being cautious, taking things slowly, while all employees’ health continues to be monitored. We place the health of all members of the Oboz community at the highest priority, so this decision makes complete sense to us. 

Which leads us to the not-so-good news.

Because of these closures, and now the cautious approach as more employees return to the factories, we will see product inventory delays well into spring and summer 2022. Which, you guessed it, will result in limited Oboz inventory everywhere.

Most affected this season are Oboz insulated styles. We will not be replenishing any insulated styles’ inventory on during the 2021/2022 winter season. Please check with your local Oboz dealer.

We are staying optimistic. 

We are hard at work as we prepare for launches of spring/summer 2022 product, which you should start seeing in March. We continue to be hopeful that the story continues to improve on this new product, as well as with the core styles you love.

As always, thank you for your business and support, and we will provide additional updates on our inventory situation as we get closer to January 2022.