Details of the Program

To be a Truist, you’ll need to have a public Instagram account and be willing to share at least six awe-inspiring Instagram posts tagging @obozfootwear throughout your one-year enrollment. A pair of Oboz Footwear comes after a 6-month commitment. *We are only accepting North America entries.

Being a part of the program will also give us permission to share your content on our Oboz handle. We’ll give you photo credits for bragging rights, of course!

Couples and groups: if your Instagram handle is comprised of more than one person, please designate one contact and provide that person's information. You can all be Truists, but you'll have to fight it out over the swag and one pair of free shoes.

Upon joining, you’ll also be subscribed to receive dedicated Oboz Truist emails with insider news and updates, as well as our Oboz newsletter (which you can opt out of in the application form, but why wouldya?)