​One More Tree event at Rockville REI - Grand Opening


Try on a pair. Plant a tree.

At our One More Tree Event, when you try on a pair of Oboz (yup, just try them on), we’ll plant a tree for you and give you an official “I Helped Plant A Tree Today” sticker so you can brag to friends and family about your planet-saving ways.

We’ve been planting a tree for every pair sold since 2007. That’s over 1 million trees and counting. Through our partnership with Trees for the Future, our trees are planted where they can do the most good—providing shade for crops, rehabilitating depleted soil, providing food, creating windbreaks, and replenishing timber around the globe. 

So come out and help us as we work together to protect our planet. Because we all love the outdoors, and the way we figure it—the more trees, the more outdoors for all of us to enjoy.