Rebecca Scholand


Name: Rebecca Scholand

Hometown: Conway, New Hampshire

Where I’ve Been: I was raised in the “church” of Outdoor Recreationalists. Adventure was and still is my family’s glue providing for some of the best memories. 

The Mount Washington Observatory and the community surrounding it have now become part of the life and home I am so proud of. My community allows for some of the best hiking, biking, rock & ice climbing, kayaking, skiing and, well, everything outdoors!

Why I Hike: There is something so freeing to the soul when your feet hit the trail. It clears the mind and puts life into perspective. Even the worst of days on the trail I wouldn’t trade. Possibly the best feeling is sharing a hike with friends, family, and four legged pals.

Lead The Way: At the Mount Washington Observatory we are “Home of the world’s Worst Weather” and in an effort to continue our 85 year weather recording history, it means being tough!

Ambassador Focus: #MWOBS

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Instagram: @mwobs @skiintoatreeow