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Gear Review: W's Juniper Mid Waterproof

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I’ve been wearing Oboz boots for 8 years. I bought my first pair in 2010 and have loved their ability to traverse all sorts of terrain while making me feel stable yet comfortable. When I was selected as an ambassador and began considering new models, the Juniper Mid Boots stood out for a few reasons.

First Impressions

One, THE COLOR! I know, I know, that should be the last thing to worry about, but as someone who wears a lot of black, gray, and forest green, I honestly wanted the boots on the color alone (I selected the turquoise color with pink laces and have gotten mad compliments on them).rsz img 9037

Beauties! Image: Imogene Cancellare
Two, the fit. When I put them on for the first time, I immediately noticed that they felt slimmer in the heel than my other Oboz models- I like this because they are sturdy without being bulky. I’ve been able to test them in a variety of settings so far, and every single situation has passed with flying colors (no pun intended).

An Everywhere Boot

I first wore them all day in my office, which was nice because I can stand on concrete all day and still be comfy. Next I transitioned to the field to assist with a raptor survey for our state wildlife agency. I stood around in 30-degree F weather looking for birds of prey at sunset, and these boots kept me comfortable. My toes did get a little cold at the end of our survey, but I think this is because I was standing still and not moving for 90 minutes. For a non-winter boot, however, I consider this a win. Last week, I took it a step further by taking them into actual snow for a squirrel research project I’m assisting on for work.

Within an hour I had sloshed through 3 inches of snow as well as a sloshy, swampy mess out in the woods. I had no idea the study site was flooded, and would not have worn these had I known since they were still in the breaking-in period. But these boots did GREAT! My feet stayed warm. At times I was in muddy water that covered almost the entire boot, and these babies stayed dry! I was impressed by this given that so many boots are not truly waterproof, and because I have only been wearing one model for 8 years and was skeptical. I wasn’t expecting them to come out of my field work looking so clean, but they don’t really look like boots that have been trudging about a flooded woodland.

Recommended For…

I would recommend these boots to anyone who enjoys various types of hiking, whether it is on flat trails or on more slippery terrain. They are comfortable without being bulky. I consider them a great beginner’s boot as well as appropriate for someone who is a seasoned hiker with high expectations. I do recommend lacing them all the way up to avoid discomfort along the back of the heel from slipping, and to wear wool socks with them (as with any hiking boot). I am very pleased with these boots and look forward to using them as the weather warms up!

Imogene Cancellare is a wildlife biologist and PhD student at the University of Delaware researching snow leopards. When she isn’t studying, she’s talking about science and the importance of getting outside. Visit her website, and talk to her on Instagram (@biologistimogene) and Twitter (@biologistimo).

Juniper Mid hydrofuges pour femmes
MSRP $189.95

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