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Oboz in Africa: Trees for the Future and Forest Garden Planting

Guest Blogger | Oboz Ambassador

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Members of the Trees for the Future headquarters programs team- Brandy Lellou, Arianna Huff, and Ashleigh Burgess- spent 3 weeks traveling to visit project sites in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. They traveled overland across nearly 5,000 miles on backroads and through the bush to visit hard-to-reach farmers who are in TREES' Forest Garden program. The trip kicked off in Tanzania, where the team scouted new project sites and met with the country team to train staff and visit farmers. In Kenya, the team met with partners, the TREES Kenya staff, value-added processors, and farmers who are both graduating from the Forest Garden program and coming on board this year and next. In Uganda, the team visited current project and various new sites to determine their suitability for Forest Gardens, including degraded banana and coffee farmers who work on hillsides where there is a risk for landslides. Overall, the trip was a great way to see farmers and hear their successes and challenges, visit the TREES field team, and trek across the countries to see the landscape-level issues that farmers face.

Guest Blogger
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