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My job at Oboz is Education and Outreach Specialist. What's that mean? Essentially, it entails traveling around the country with my big, green Oboz van to deliver clinics at retail shops, attend large events such as grand openings and anniversary sales, be present at our dealers' One More Tree events, attend festivals like PCT Days, Trail Days and Banff Film Festivals, and have face time with our retail partners, their staff, and our consumers. 

But, in these times of COVID-19, I've been relegated to having more face time with my computer than with people. It’s also given me a chance to go through the junk I've plastered on my desktop, dive through folders from 2018 and 2019 to see what needs to be dumped or remembered, and generally organize my home office life. Yes, totally boring. 

But, alas, there are always distractions. I happened to notice a few photos on my desktop, so I decided to dump them into the Photos icon at the bottom of my screen. Well, wouldn’t you know, hundreds of photos I'd taken over the last year or so during my travels popped right up. Distraction complete. And now I have a photo blog of my travels across America to share with you! Here you go...

First, let me acquaint you with my van. The place I spend most of my time.
Here she is!

PeterVanLife 1
Maybe you've seen me out on the road!

The build. Definitely suitable for #vanlife.
Upon opening, you have the living room and kitchen. The butcher block holds a sink and stove on top, the fridge is to the right, my beer hidey-hole is under the bench (which is responsibly consumed once I've arrived at my destination and the keys have long been out of the ignition), and the front passenger seat turns around for when I have company.

PeterVanLife 2

Here's my bedroom.

PeterVanLife 3

And here's the business end.

Peter C

Peter is an Outreach & Training Specialist with Oboz. 

More about Peter? Here you go: 

  • He likes Bryce National Park so much his kid is named after it; he highly recommends a visit if you can
  • As a teacher he took students all over the country hiking; now he gets to travel all over and teach about hiking footwear
  • Loves to connect people to the outdoors; just ask and he’ll try to help you

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