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Why Do I Need an Aftermarket Insole?

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My first pair of Oboz were more than just a new pair of shoes. I didn’t know it yet, but they were the start of my amazing adventures with my pup. Those boots took me to my very first solo hike. My very first Adirondack High Peak. My first solo camping trip.

I loved their fit. This was a boot that supported my feet right out of the box and didn't require any break in.

So when Oboz Footwear sent me a pair of the new OFit Insole Plus, I was interested to see how I'd like them. I was considering putting them in my running shoes or just updating the insole of my favorite Oboz to see if they made a difference. My old Oboz won out.insole 2

Right out of the box, they fit like a glove. Though there are specific measuring guides on the box, I didn’t need them. They are comfortable and secure, and they kept my foot in place. No hot spots. No discomfort.

Think you might like 'em? I do.

Read on for why I think you may want a new pair of after market insoles.

Your Feet Get Tired in Your Regular Shoes/Boots

Not everybody’s arch length is the same as their foot length. This means that sometimes people buy shoes with an insole that isn’t the right arch length. The O FIT Insole™ Plus lets you buy an insole that fits your arch and then trim the insole to fit your shoe for a customized fit (unless, like in my experience, they're the perfect size out of the box).

Your Boots/Shoes are Old But You Still Love Them

A new insole can make an old shoe feel new. Plus the O FIT Insole™ Plus is an upgrade from the stock Oboz insole. The upper part of the insole is made with memory foam, and have a high density EVA arch and heel cup. It's made with medium density EVA throughout and placed Poron comfort pods in in the heel and metatarsal, which basically means it has great support and rebound and it is durable.

It's Cheaper Than Buying New Shoes

These cost $30.

They Can Transform ALL Shoes, Not Just Oboz

Whether you throw the insoles in running shoes or winter snow-shoveling boots is up to you. Most stock insoles from most shoes just take up space. These insoles will guarantee your foot stays in its neutral position, and your bones and muscles will be happy.

Erin Pannazzo and her rescue husky mix, Anna, have made it their priority to seek out adventure anywhere it may be. Together, they discover true happiness along the way. Follow their adventures on Instagram @Erinandadventuredog and on Faceboook at

O FIT Insole™ Plus Medium Arch
MSRP $39.95

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