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Arete Collection Blog Post
Light and Fast: The Arete Collection

The Arete Collection is our lightest offering to date, and features waterproof and non-waterproof low and mid heights for men and women. Geared for streamlined...

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New For Spring2020
What's NEW for Spring '20

Here at Oboz, we welcome 2020 with feet rearing to go, because new adventures await. And sure, we love Montana winters, especially seeing our Greater...

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Doris W Aug Post4
Exploring Europe in the Oboz Cirque Lows

Back in May, I was getting ready to go on a 4-week trip to Europe. As I began to packed, I thought about what footwear...

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Useask A Pro Long Low Vs Mid Web B
Ask a Pro: Do I Want a Low Hiking Shoe or Mid Hiking Boot?

Welcome to our fourth installation of Ask a Pro, where guides from Wildland Trekking, offer professional advice for life on the trail.


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Stephen Matera 7 20 18 A9 Dsc2774 Resized
Oboz Sawtooth II Low: A Hiker for All Elements
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Four Pass Loop
Five Hikes Where You Want to Go Fast and Light

For the days when you want to go fast and light, weight matters. You want to carry the fewest grams of gear without putting yourself...

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Bridger Vent Mid Dry Desert Floor
Bridger Mid and Bridger Vent Waterproof: The best combo for everything from snow to sand!

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona is not just a dry, desolate desert. Rain and snow have been abundant this winter in the desert southwest. Recently...

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Climbing Up Cirque
Cirque Low Waterproof: Lightweight, Fast, and Durable

When my new Cirque Low B-Dry arrived this winter, Montreal was facing some of the worst weather we could imagine. Despite the snow, I took...

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Schatz Bridger Review4
Why I Love My 7” Bridger Insulated Waterproof Boots

Insulated boots aren’t an option in the northeast — they’re a necessity. Last year my Bridger 7” Insulated Waterproof boots snowshoed up mountains and across...

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Why Do I Need an Aftermarket Insole?
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Sbb 8393
Why I Love the Insulated Bridger 8" BDry Hiking Boot

There are two kinds of hikers in this world: those who carefully cross a creek, taking care to keep their boots dry; and those who...

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