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Wt Jeanelle Blog Post Oct2020
Beating Those International Travel Blues

For many folks, international travel plans (in addition to many other social norms and aspects of everyday life) have been halted, postponed, canceled, scrapped, and...

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Peter C Drake U
Reflections From The Road

Last year, a time before Covid, I was on a market trip in the Midwest and I made the below post on my Facebook account:


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Six Lessons I Learned Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail
Written by Oboz Truist Audrey Payne

In 2018, after seven years of living and working on a public relations career in Washington, D.C., I quit my...

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Peter July Blog Featured Image
Foot Education Over Pizza

A few months ago, before the Covid outbreak, I was recovering from my first knee replacement surgery. I was attending physical therapy three times a...

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Blog Post Wildland Trekking Alexi
The Tortoise & the Hare: Fast Hiking vs Slow Hiking

It's a familiar scene: I’m standing somewhere in the depths of the Grand Canyon, squinting into the morning sun trying to spot our route through...

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Kelly Mom
Oboz Employees Share Their "Mom Stoke"

We asked Oboz employees how their moms have influenced their passion for life, whether that's in the outdoors, at work, with family, travel, or how...

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Peter Van Life Featured Image
What Happens When

My job at Oboz is Education and Outreach Specialist. What's that mean? Essentially, it entails traveling around the country with my big, green Oboz van...

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Winter Deck Work
What Transitioning to Winter Means at MWOBS

Winter is settling in on the summit of Mount Washington and with it comes a major shift in the protocols we follow at the Mount...

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Yellowstone Winter Bridge Hikers
Ask a Pro: What are the Best Winter Hikes?

Winter hiking. When temps drop and days get shorter, I turn into a total creature comfort connoisseur, seeking coziness at every turn, but that doesn’t...

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Spooky Trail Tale Pic 4
Scary Trail Tale: Deep in the Adirondack Wilderness

We were standing in front of the trailhead sign-in post in pitch darkness. Just three cars were visible as we swung our headlamp beams across...

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20190715 132737
Scary Trail Tale: Bump in the Night

“ awake?” A rattled voice spoke from next to my tent. It was Jen, my co-guide.

“Something just walked past our tents and I...

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