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Caitlin Stone Mountain Pp
How to Hike Warm

Editor's note: Ever since we introduced our insulated boots, we've gotten a fabulous response from you, our customers. Keeping your feet warm is one key...

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Caitlin Mount St  George Helmet Ice Axe
Mountaineering 101: How to Safely Begin Exploring in the Mountains

Getting into the high country can seem insurmountable at first. But with the right tools, education, gear, and partners, it’s entirely possible. Not too long...

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How To Lace Your Boots
How To Lace Your Boots
By Guest Blogger

How to lace your boots. It seems so simple. It can be so complicated. Fortunately, our good friends at Backcountry Edge break it down. Much...

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How To Do Hard Things (Hint: don't make them optional)
By Molly_Herber

Cover image: Finishing a tough workout. Photo by Kevin Wilson.

During hard workouts my high school cross country coach would tell us, “If a bear were...

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Img 3099
How to Manage a Wilderness Emergency

Cover image: This is not a practice test. The images here are from an ice climbing accident that occurred last winter at Louise Falls, one...

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What Designations Does You Favorite Trail Have Photo By Renee Patrick
Protect Your Public Lands: A User's Guide

Image: Take some time to learn about public lands surrounding your favorite trails. Photo by Renee Patrick

After huffing up the 2,000-foot climb out of Big...

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Photo 1
How to Pack a Backpack

Cover image:Getting from point A to point B. How to fill it all in? All images: Shawn Forry

How to pack a backpack? It seems so...

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Whats In A Shoe Feature
What's In a Shoe? Everything.

My shoes are the foundation of all routes travelled, one of the most important types of support for a journey.

So far this year, my Oboz...

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004 Mch
Polar Bear Season
By Oboz Footwear

Ed. Note: Melynda Harrison was a 2015 Oboz ambassador who’s had amazing adventures. We’re running this story on polar bears now because November is the...

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Iceland Geothermal River Me
My Favorite Five Hiking Spots on the Planet
By Oboz Footwear

Cover image: A geothermal river in Iceland. All images: Elisabeth Brentano

There are still tons of trails on my bucket list, but there are also a...

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