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Backpacking 101: 8 Tips for Beginners to Start Backpacking

You’ve day hiked most, if not all, the trails near your home and spots within a weekend car camp’s radius. Now, you want to go...

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Hiking In Sandals 4
Why Hiking in Sandals Rocks—Sometimes
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Featured Image Cheyava Falls
Trail Finder: Cheyava Falls Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Cheyava Falls, AZ

As you backpack Grand Canyon National Park, stop by the tallest waterfall in the Grand Canyon. Words and images by Oboz Ambassador Cameron Davison.

First look...
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How to Hike and Camp Safely with Your Dog

Although dogs are a huge commitment and big responsibility, they can change your life for the better. When I first got Ego, I was finishing...

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Why and How to Hike Coast to Coast in England at Age 70

Hiking isn’t just for the young! Just because a person is over “retirement” age doesn’t mean they have to stop enjoying adventures. Sure, we slow...

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Coverblog 13
Shed Antler Hunting in Montana: A Photo Essay

Every spring I head to the foothills and mountains in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to hunt for shed antlers. Shed hunting, as it’s called, is...

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Facebook Ask A Pro How To Get In Shape For Backpacking 2
Ask a Pro: How to Get in Shape for Backpackping

Welcome to our first installation of Ask a Pro, where guides from Wildland Trekking, offer professional advice for life on the trail.

Your plans are...

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Website Introducing Ask A Pro 2000X857
Introducing Ask a Pro: Tips and Tricks for Life on the Trail

Ever since we started making shoes a decade ago, we’ve strived to facilitate life on the trail for our diverse and loyal community. That’s why...

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How to Navigate on a Thru-Hike

When it comes to completing a thru-hike, there are a lot of factors to consider. Some thru-hikers prioritize their gear, while others concentrate on the...

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A Day In The Life of a Mount Washington Observer

This year, Oboz Footwear partnered with Mount Washington Observatory to get our footwear on the feet of people working in the toughest conditions in the...

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How to be a Good Hiking Partner

What makes a good hiking partner? It's a lot more than being able to carry extra weight. Image: Stephen Matera

Let’s get on the same...

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