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Wt Dec20 Alexi 3
Thankful in 2020: Adventure Travel Guide Edition

It might just be the one thing that EVERYONE can agree on this year: 2020 sucked. There’s no need to review; if we weren’t all...

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Solo Backpacking: Keeping Cool and Learning From It

Written by Oboz Truist Brandy Brooks

I was there when the creek fire in Yosemite started. I was there when billows of smoke came up over...

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New For Spring2020
What's NEW for Spring '20

Here at Oboz, we welcome 2020 with feet rearing to go, because new adventures await. And sure, we love Montana winters, especially seeing our Greater...

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Winter Snowshoe
How to Hike in Cold Weather

Thinking about heading out to explore a winter wonderland? Do it! This is one of my favorite seasons to hike.

Yosemite snowshoe. All images by...
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More Trekking
How to Combine Adventure Travel with Volunteer Work

Combining travel with doing volunteer work has been an interest of mine for many years, and now that I am retired I can devote more...

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Scary Trail Tale: Bump in the Night

“Traci...you awake?” A rattled voice spoke from next to my tent. It was Jen, my co-guide.

“Something just walked past our tents and I...

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Ask A Pro Long Backpacking Travel Web 2
Traveling Internationally with Backpacking Gear

Heading out on an international adventure? Awesome. I’m thrilled that you’re exploring this wild world of ours. Before you go, though, we have chores to...

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Hygiene Blog Cover Photo
How to Have Good Hygiene for Long Camping Trips

You’re nearly done planning for your year’s big hiking trip. You’ve obsessed over the route, planned your meals to the last ingredient, and triple-checked the...

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View from the Outdoor Shop Floor (or: Why I Love Oboz Footwear Packaging)

I look around and the store has died down.

Disheveled boxes are scattered throughout the shoe department. It's time to match the disregarded pairs, pack them...

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Useask A Pro Long Low Vs Mid Web B
Ask a Pro: Do I Want a Low Hiking Shoe or Mid Hiking Boot?

Welcome to our fourth installation of Ask a Pro, where guides from Wildland Trekking, offer professional advice for life on the trail.


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How To Cook Gourmet Backcountry Meal Web
Ask a Pro: How To Cook Gourmet Backcountry Meals

Welcome to our third installation of Ask a Pro, where guides from Wildland Trekking, offer professional advice for life on the trail.

When you...

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