Tag: First Aid
Why I Joined Search and Rescue

Have you ever been out in the back country and thought, “do I have everything I need in case of an emergency? “

I spend lot...

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Lucky 1
Live to Hike Another Day

Ambassador Cameron Davison ignored chest pains—chalking them up to stress or a pulled muscle—until they nearly killed him. This is the story of how he...

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Kaci Ten Essentials Wind River Iiis
10 Essentials for Day Hikers

It was 5:00 AM at Platte River Campground, a mosquito buzzed in my ear, and I still had sand between my toes from walking along...

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Court Family Hile
Everything You Need to Know to Get The Non-Hikers in Your Life Outside

This summer I was able to take my family on their very first hike. I finally was able to share my passion of the outdoors...

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How To Pack the Only Med Kit You'll Ever Need
By Cameron Davison
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