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Wt Jeanelle Blog Post Oct2020
Beating Those International Travel Blues

For many folks, international travel plans (in addition to many other social norms and aspects of everyday life) have been halted, postponed, canceled, scrapped, and...

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Wildland Trek Alexi July2020
How To: Hike Locally and Rediscover Your Backyard

The roads are eerily empty. We speed along down highway 89 watching the setting sun cast long shadows across the ruddy mesas and monoliths that...

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Wildland Trek Camping
How To: Minimalize Your Backpack (Tips From A Minimalist)

We’ve all been there before, that moment when you are 6 miles in on the trail and realize you have too much junk in the...

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Mikaela May20 Blog Panorama
How To: Choose Doing a Section Hike or Thru-Hike

Thru-hiking is to hike an established point-to-point, long distance hiking trail with continuous footsteps in one direction.

Section hiking is doing either a single section...

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Blog Post Wildland Trekking Alexi
The Tortoise & the Hare: Fast Hiking vs Slow Hiking

It's a familiar scene: I’m standing somewhere in the depths of the Grand Canyon, squinting into the morning sun trying to spot our route through...

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Matcha Foot
The Top 10 Foot Injuries And Problems
And what to do about them

All injuries are quite literally a pain, but with most knocks and niggles you can at least avoid...

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New For Spring2020
What's NEW for Spring '20

Here at Oboz, we welcome 2020 with feet rearing to go, because new adventures await. And sure, we love Montana winters, especially seeing our Greater...

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Winter Snowshoe
How to Hike in Cold Weather

Thinking about heading out to explore a winter wonderland? Do it! This is one of my favorite seasons to hike.

Yosemite snowshoe. All images by...
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Herber Snow Footsteps
Risk Management for Winter Hikers

Just because winter and piles of snow are coming doesn’t mean you need to hang up the hiking boots for the season.

In fact, winter can...

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Instagram Introducing Ask A Pro 1080X1080
Ask a Pro: How Do I Alleviate Medical Issues in the Backcountry?

Backcountry travel is one of the most inspiring ways you can see the outdoors. Day hiking is wonderful, but once you have a few successful...

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Yellowstone Winter Bridge Hikers
Ask a Pro: What are the Best Winter Hikes?

Winter hiking. When temps drop and days get shorter, I turn into a total creature comfort connoisseur, seeking coziness at every turn, but that doesn’t...

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