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Wt Jeanelle Blog Post Oct2020
Beating Those International Travel Blues

For many folks, international travel plans (in addition to many other social norms and aspects of everyday life) have been halted, postponed, canceled, scrapped, and...

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20170906 195635
How to Find the Lesser Known Sections of Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Good ol’ Yellowstone.

Not the largest or the most visited of the 62 National Parks, but it is the very first in America and possibly one...

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Death Valley
Ask a Pro: Best Warm Weather Hiking Destinations

Ah, winter! A time when snow may have covered the ground, all of your winter coats are out, and you are trying to fill your...

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New For Spring2020
What's NEW for Spring '20

Here at Oboz, we welcome 2020 with feet rearing to go, because new adventures await. And sure, we love Montana winters, especially seeing our Greater...

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Ask A Pro Leave No Trace Cover
Ask a Pro: How Can I Lessen My Impact Outside?

Picture this: You have come up to your favorite vista in your favorite wild place, your tingling smile is starting to cut across your face...

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Top Of Moro Rock Line
Tips for Braving Summer Crowds at Sequoia National Park

It is 6:15 am, and with two cups of coffee and the kids in the back half-asleep/half-awake, we head to Sequoia National Park during one...

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Featured Image Cheyava Falls
Trail Finder: Cheyava Falls Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Cheyava Falls, AZ

As you backpack Grand Canyon National Park, stop by the tallest waterfall in the Grand Canyon. Words and images by Oboz Ambassador Cameron Davison.

First look...
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13 Cirque Beach
Light and Fast in Maui

Are you familiar with the term non-attachment? It doesn’t mean non-commitment or non-emotional. It means to be non-attached to preconceived ideas.

I love this concept...

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How to Hike and Camp Safely with Your Dog

Although dogs are a huge commitment and big responsibility, they can change your life for the better. When I first got Ego, I was finishing...

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Website Introducing Ask A Pro 2000X857
Introducing Ask a Pro: Tips and Tricks for Life on the Trail

Ever since we started making shoes a decade ago, we’ve strived to facilitate life on the trail for our diverse and loyal community. That’s why...

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Kaci Ten Essentials Wind River Iiis
10 Essentials for Day Hikers

It was 5:00 AM at Platte River Campground, a mosquito buzzed in my ear, and I still had sand between my toes from walking along...

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