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Why I Love the Insulated Bridger 8" BDry Hiking Boot

There are two kinds of hikers in this world: those who carefully cross a creek, taking care to keep their boots dry; and those who...

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So You Want to HikeThe Enchantments in Washington's Central Cascades?
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Re Entering Kings Canyon
This is What I Learned Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

A month before my April 23rd start date for thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I realized 2016 was also the Centennial of the National Park...

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Where to Next: Oregon's natural treasures

Who is ready to sit under the stars and head into the woods this weekend? Photo: @adamcharlescheek

I love Oregon. From the state's shoreline to its...

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How To Lace Your Boots
How To Lace Your Boots
By Guest Blogger

How to lace your boots. It seems so simple. It can be so complicated. Fortunately, our good friends at Backcountry Edge break it down. Much...

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How To Do Hard Things (Hint: don't make them optional)
By Molly_Herber

Cover image: Finishing a tough workout. Photo by Kevin Wilson.

During hard workouts my high school cross country coach would tell us, “If a bear were...

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How to Pack a Backpack

Cover image:Getting from point A to point B. How to fill it all in? All images: Shawn Forry

How to pack a backpack? It seems so...

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Trail Finder: Eagle Creek, Columbia River

Cover image: Eagle Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge. All images David Faling

Trail Name: The Eagle Creek Trail to High Bridge ...

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