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Kaci Ten Essentials Wind River Iiis
10 Essentials for Day Hikers

It was 5:00 AM at Platte River Campground, a mosquito buzzed in my ear, and I still had sand between my toes from walking along...

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Mt Willard 2013
The Hike That Changed My Life

Through the cool crisp air of early morning in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a lanky, slightly awkward 14-year-old boy bounded up a steep...

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Milosz Pierwola 14
How to Follow Your Dreams

The world is full of opportunity available to anyone at any time. The only difference is learning how to identify it, how to position yourself...

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The Nars5
Trail Finder: The Nars, Ozark Highlands Trail, Arkansas

First view of the ridge after the scramble on the way up The Nars. All images: Kaci Stringer.

Northwest Arkansas is home to eight national parks...

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So You Want to HikeThe Enchantments in Washington's Central Cascades?
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Caitlin Grizzly Lake Tombstones
Backpacking through Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon Territory, Canada

The Yukon Territory’s Tombstone Mountains are often called the “Patagonia of the North” and are best known for their stunning tundra landscapes, rugged peaks, and...

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