March 2018
Gear Institute W Bridger Low

We choose each shoe for its use of current footwear design technologies and its female focused design, and its ability to be used across a variety of hiking trails. Each shoe employs a unique blend of materials in its uppers. These materials included: real leather, manufactured suede, synthetic, polyester mesh and/or a mix of these materials.  All of the shoes contained in this head-to-head test offer some level of water resistance or waterproofing. These women’s hiking shoes range in price from $120 to $185. 

To conduct the test, a team of avid female hikers put each shoe through rigorous exercises. Each tester hiked for a minimum of 20 miles in each shoe tested.  For thoroughness, they hiked over surfaces that included jagged talus and smooth boulders, loose rock and gravel and packed soil, inclines of 10 to 45 degrees and in both wet and dry conditions. Feedback on each shoe was then collected from each tester and compared, side-by-side, to determine highest overall level of performance for the category.

This test was conducted in the exact same manner as the women’s hiking shoes tested last year. The trails varied slightly, but the types of terrain were repeated. All of these products share similar qualities to womens hiking shoes tested last year, with some small technical advancements including no-tie lacing systems, women’s specific lasts, and mixed rubber outsoles.

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W Bridger Low B Dry Walnut Side

Bridger Low hydrofuges pour femmes

MSRP $189.95