Oboz and Small Woods: The Hawthorn Project

September 2018

Here at Oboz, we love the outdoors. And the way we figure, the more trees, the more outdoors for us all to enjoy. That's why we've planted a tree for every pair of Oboz shoes or boots sold to date with our Oboz and One More Tree initiative. 

In line with the One More Tree initiative, we decided we wanted to take things further in the UK, so we've partnered up with NGO, Small Woods, to launch The Hawthorn Project

Small Woods is a UK wide charity led by the principle objective ‘to further education in the conservation of small woodlands’. Ian Baker, CEO of the organisation and the team at Small Woods note that over half of the UK's small woodlands are 'neglected, overlooked and undervalued'. They believe that through work with woodland owners, practitioners, local authorities, craftspeople and the general public we can combat this. Which is where we come in..

The Hawthorn projects aim is to raise awareness of our small woodlands and our native tree species that grow across the UK through engagement. 

The Hawthorn tree was selected as the 'face' of the project as it is found in a wide range of habitats across the UK, for all to enjoy! The tree plays a key role for our native wildlife, supporting over 150 species of insect, and providing nesting and resting for many of our resident songbirds.

In May of this year, we sent Hawthorn seeds sourced by Small Woods to all of our retailers. And for every pair of Oboz tried on in the UK, you will receive a Hawthorn seed and instructions on how to plant the seed in a location of your choosing. So why not try on a pair at your local Oboz stockist and watch your Hawthorn tree grow right in your back garden or in your favourite spot out in the Peaks! 

As we move towards 2019, we will have lots more exciting plans for our partnership with Small Woods including planting days over at their centre. Regular updates on the initiative can be found through our community page

To find out more about the Hawthorn Project and the fantastic work that our partner charity, Small Woods, does please visit:



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