Try A Pair, Plant A Tree - Silver Birch seeds dispatch to UK & EU Retailers

June 2019

This week we have seen 10,000 Silver Birch seeds leave HQ and head out to our retailers across the UK and EU as part of our Try A Pair, Plant a Tree initiative. 

We have teamed up with woodland charity Small Woods® and for simply trying on a pair of Oboz footwear in one our retailer stores you will receive a packet containing a British Silver Birch seed to plant. 

The Birch Tree

Birch is an opportunistic pioneer species and was one of the first trees to re-colonise our barren landscape here in the UK. Well known in Celtic mythology as the Goddess Tree, it is the bringer of promise, light and new beginnings. In addition, Birch woods provide valuable habitat for many birds, fungi, beetles and butterflies.

For more details on how to plant your Silver Birch seed and the work our partner, Small Woods do head to: 

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