Men’s Ocoee Flip

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M Ocoee Black Side

From river’s edge, the surrounding peaks of the Appalachian Range wrap you like a woodsy green blanket. Whether you’re scouting that next drop or kicking back in the perfect riverside camp spot, you shouldn’t have to shun flips for lace ups. We gave the Ocoee the same arch cradling shape support as the O FIT Insole™ that’s in our hiking boots, and the wrapped toe design keeps your feet from going sideways, even when you do.

Fit Tip: Length runs true to size.

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Men’s Ocoee Flip Overview


Headwaters Outsole
Feature Outsole Head Waters

Built for all kinds of slippery surfaces with a higher grip and traction forefoot and heel area, the Headwaters lets nothing slide.

The map molded in the bottom of the outsole features the Gallatin River Canyon in Montana.

Technical Specifications

Width Icon@2X


Men’s standard width is C in the heel and D in the forefoot (according to Brannock Device®). Patterns and materials in a given model may influence fit. We always recommend trying our footwear on to ensure the best possible fit.

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Upper Material

Sling construction nylon-polyester blend webbing

Outsoles Icon@2X

Headwaters — Designed for slippery surfaces, from bar floors to boat docks. Featuring a heel and forefoot surface area designed for higher grip and traction with a mid-foot tread pattern built for increased flexibility and a ridiculous amount of comfort.

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M9(1/2PR): 7.4 oz / 210 g

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