Our technology is inspired by common sense, experience, and a healthy aversion to cutesy gimmicks. These features work hard — period.

O FIT Insoles™

Align feet biomechanically
Every pair of Oboz comes outfitted with a supportive, quality insole—on par with premium aftermarket insoles, but engineered just for our shoes.

Why insoles matter
Without proper support, feet tend to pronate and elongate with every step—fine if you're barefoot, but not so good inside shoes, where friction can create blisters. With support from our biomechanically engineered insole, though, feet stay neutral for every step. This means less friction inside the shoe, and a better fit all around.

O FIT Insole™ Essential

This featherweight insole lends structural support and extra breathability to our Trailsport shoes, at two—thirds the weight of our O FIT Insole™. Honeycomb foam cuts down on ounces but not cushioning, while a flexible forefoot promotes natural biomechanics. A lightweight EVA—resin reinforces key zones like the heel perimeter and arch for lightweight durability.

O FIT Insole™ Thermal

When the weather turns cold you need a supportive and warm insole to go with your boots & shoes. Look no further than our O FIT Thermal Insoles™. With support across all three arches of the foot to optimize strength, permit flexibility to changes in terrain and help with propulsion on the trail. These insoles also feature a wool top sheet for insulation and a Mylar bottom sheet to reflect heat back to your foot helping keep toes nice and cozy.

O FIT Insole™

Our anatomically-designed insole maximizes stability and support in our backpacking boots, hikers, and lifestyle shoes, with a supportive arch and a deep cushioning heel cup. Triple-density EVA throughout provides both cushioning and durability, and a shot of urethane under the metatarsals and heels adds extra protection to high-strike zones.

Add armor without adding weight

This slim-but-powerful TPU Chassis protects feet from stone bruising and sharp rocks while enhancing torsional stability underfoot. Since the chassis adds such substantial protection, we can strategically drop rubber from the outsole underneath-making for lightweight shoes with heavyweight benefits.

Breathable waterproofing, inside and out

Our BDry shoes keep feet dry through creeks, mud, rain and sweat, thanks to three key components:

The crux is our proprietary tape-sealed polyurethane film bootie, which waterproofs shoes but still lets sweat escape.

Second, all of our BDry shoes come with hydrophobic upper materials, meaning the rest of the shoe won't absorb water.

And finally, the textile lining inside BDry boots wicks sweat away, so feet stay dry from the inside out.

Take the pressure off lacing

BFit Lacing gives you a mechanical lacing advantage, exactly where laces are hardest to lock down—making it easy to lock your heel in place while minimizing the dreaded instep squeeze.

Keep heels snug and comfortable

Our Molded heel counter helps shoes maintain a snug, comfortable heel hold over time. Since we mold these counters, they keep their shape even through miles of abuse.


Built with purpose—for big summits, long days, quick jaunts and urban strolls.

  • Sawtooth

    Thru-hiker cult favorite and classic Oboz sole. Sheds mud, offers intense traction, and maintains stability. Sidewall lugs grip off-camber trails while conserving weight.
  • Granite Peak

    The quintessential hiking outsole, featuring a nylon shank for stability, toothy side lugs that hug off-camber trails, and 4mm directional lugs studding the sole. A lightweight TPU chassis boosts stability and prevents stone bruising without inhibiting flex.
  • Wind River

    Our burliest, gnarliest outsole, built for big backpacking trips. 5.5mm directional lugs grip trails; rugged rubber resists wear.
    Beartooth midsole: The last word in bomber. Full PU, injection molded polypropylene lasting board.
    Wind River II Midsole: Dual density EVA with a strategic PU pod in the heel keeps stride springy while saving weight.
  • Madison

    A women’s specific design, with a narrower footprint and refined profile that won’t sacrifice traction. Light, nimble, and sleek, the Madison is ideal for done-in-a-day adventures.
  • Mountain Town

    Designed for urban missions (brewery hopping, skateboarding, etc.) but inspired by hiking boots. Low profile lugs rival those of many multisport shoes while supporting impromptu hikes with plenty of grip and traction.
  • Hyalite

    Designed for speed, the Hyalite outsole sheds rubber weight but maintains an aggressive, durable bottom package. The EVA Super Skin (ESS) plate at the forefoot mitigates overflexion and stone bruising adding comfort.
  • Teewinot

    An overlasted construction makes the Teewinot an ultra comfortable outsole, while being both supportive and flexible. The Midsole is a junction of durability and cushioning strategically cored to save weight. The grippy long wearing sticky rubber outsole features sturdy 4mm self-cleaning lugs that offer directional gripping.
  • Thru-hiker

    We like thru-hikers here at Obōz. So we designed an outsole just for them (but you don’t have to be a thru-hiker to use it). With a grippy yet durable rubber bottom it grips the trail and holds up for miles. EVA midsole and PU heel pod helps to keep that energy in your step. The EVA Super Skin (ESS) plate at the forefoot mitigates overflexion and stone bruising, adding comfort and protection.
  • Headwaters

    Built for all kinds of slippery surfaces, from bar floors to boat docks. The Headwaters outsole features a heel and forefoot surface area designed for high grip and traction while the mid-foot tread pattern is built for increased flexibility for a ridiculous amount of comfort.