The Traveling School envisions a world where strong, compassionate female leaders build an equitable and sustainable global community.

We do that by providing a place-based semester program for high school girls, a program that amplifies female voices through transformative education to ignite positive change.

At The Traveling School, we’re about:

All-Girls Education

Our all-female environment allows students to focus on academic achievement, develop leadership skills and build self-esteem in a supportive community.

Global Perspective

Living out of backpacks and duffels, students engage in communities, learning firsthand about the real-life impacts of global issues such as climate change, indigeneity, race, power and privilege.

Next Generation Leaders

Empowering our students to act and spark positive change. When young women build leadership skills, they become tomorrow’s changemakers.


"Education is the most powerful tool for change. What can we expect from future generations if we don't empower them to question mistakes of the past?" - Celeste, 2019 Alumna

Celeste, 2019 Alumna. Image credit: The Traveling School

“My Traveling School semester is the single, richest, experience that I have ever had. It built my confidence, channeled my curiosity, encouraged me to consider my impact on the world and empowered me to make that impact positive. It launched me into my adult life and the person I had always wanted to become.” – Shannon, 2010 Alumna

Shannon, 2010 Alumna. Image credit: The Traveling School


Year of Operation: 18

Alumnae: 429

Semesters: 36


The Traveling School is based in Bozeman, Montana and has three semester options in North America, South America and southern Africa. To learn more or contact us, check out

Image credit: The Traveling School



At the heart of everything we do are the folks who make the magic happen. A group of likeminded footwear-industry vets who left our big-brand jobs back in 2007 intent on doing business a better way.