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Fit for wherever the trail may lead.
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Footwear for every adventure.

Our boots, shoes and sandals are designed specifically for a variety of trail types. Use our Shoe Finder to help choose the right pair for you.

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It’s what’s inside that counts.

Every pair of footwear we make comes complete with our premium
O FIT Insole™ for unmatched fit, feel and performance. Find out why insoles matter and how our technology delivers on our fit promise, every step of the way.

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Trees planted
If a tree falls in the forest can a shoe replace it?

We think so. Through our One More Tree program, we plant a tree for every pair of footwear sold. Trees that reduce CO2 and improve biodiversity while creating sustainable sources of crop shade, soil rehabilitation, food, windbreaks, medicine, mudslide control and more for communities that need them.

Trees planted
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Our Community

The Oboz community is made up of a diverse group of like-minded, free-spirited adventurers intent on exploring some of the most amazing places two feet can take them. And sharing those experiences with the world. Check out some of their latest adventures

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