Pronghorn Family Hart G Burke
Everyone Can Be a Conservationist

Editor's note: Conservation is baked into our DNA at Oboz Footwear, and we support conservation by planting a tree for every pair sold. We also...

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Lucky 1
Live to Hike Another Day

Ambassador Cameron Davison ignored chest pains—chalking them up to stress or a pulled muscle—until they nearly killed him. This is the story of how he...

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Schatz Bridger Review4
Why I Love My 7” Bridger Insulated Waterproof Boots

Insulated boots aren’t an option in the northeast — they’re a necessity. Last year my Bridger 7” Insulated Waterproof boots snowshoed up mountains and across...

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Kaci Ten Essentials Wind River Iiis
10 Essentials for Day Hikers

It was 5:00 AM at Platte River Campground, a mosquito buzzed in my ear, and I still had sand between my toes from walking along...

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Sbb Hike Warm Snow 8360
Eight Tips For Warm Winter Hiking
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Rsz 1Mswsbridgers
How To Buy Insulated Boots

How To Buy Insulated Winter Hiking Boots

Unless your inner engine burns like a bonfire at New Year’s, you’re going to want insulated hiking boots for...

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Why Do I Need an Aftermarket Insole?
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Sbb 8393
Why I Love the Insulated Bridger 8" BDry Hiking Boot

There are two kinds of hikers in this world: those who carefully cross a creek, taking care to keep their boots dry; and those who...

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Trail Finder: Grandview Loop Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

At 22 miles with an elevation gain of 5,302’, a Rim-to-Rim hike in Grand Canyon National Park is not something you take lightly. Completing this...

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Caitlin Stone Mountain Pp
How to Hike Warm

Editor's note: Ever since we introduced our insulated boots, we've gotten a fabulous response from you, our customers. Keeping your feet warm is one key...

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We Planted 2 Million Trees. Here's What That Means.
By Rachel Walker
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