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Why I Love the Insulated Bridger 8" BDry Hiking Boot

There are two kinds of hikers in this world: those who carefully cross a creek, taking care to keep their boots dry; and those who...

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Trail Finder: Grandview Loop Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

At 22 miles with an elevation gain of 5,302’, a Rim-to-Rim hike in Grand Canyon National Park is not something you take lightly. Completing this...

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Caitlin Stone Mountain Pp
How to Hike Warm
By Caitlin McKenzie

Editor's note: Ever since we introduced our insulated boots, we've gotten a fabulous response from you, our customers. Keeping your feet warm is one key...

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We Planted 2 Million Trees. Here's What That Means.
By Rachel Walker
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What's the difference between the Women's Bridger Mid and Sapphire Mid?
By Sophie Pavelle

When it comes to outdoor kit, I like to release my inner geek. You need to have the right backpack, the right waterproof and the...

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Meet the the O FIT Insole™ Plus: It's what's inside that counts.
By Rachel Walker

In the vast world of hiking boots, the Oboz Footwear O FIT system set us apart from the competition. Integral to that system is our...

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Mt Willard 2013
The Hike That Changed My Life
By Jacques_Turcotte

Through the cool crisp air of early morning in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a lanky, slightly awkward 14-year-old boy bounded up a steep...

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How to Plan the Perfect Microadventure
By Caleb Walker

The idea of “microadventures” has risen in popularity drastically over the last few years. One person to thank for that is author and adventurer Alastair...

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Good Grub = Happy Hikers
By Clariza_Alvarez

Let’s talk about trail food. For some hikers, food on the trail is only as valuable as the calories it provides. For others, trail food...

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Trail Finder: Chaffin Creek Lakes, Darby, Mont.
By Aaron_Theisen

Follow a gently ascending stream-gradient trail to a chain of subalpine lakes nestled the granite battlements of western Montana’s Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. As worthwhile as these...

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Exploring Scotland's North Coast
By Sophie Pavelle

I recently came to my dad one afternoon with a trip idea, fully formed, and triumphantly presented him with a map showing a wiggly fine...

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