Elliot Pacheco Pct700
Thru-Hiking the PCT: the First 700 Miles

Oboz Ambassador Elliot Pacheco just covered the first 700 miles of his PCT thru-hike. Read his recap below.

The first 700 miles of the Pacific Crest...

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Carol Mortier England
Hiking England Coast to Coast

First, let me give some history of the hike. It was devised by Alfred Wainwright and described in his 1973 book “A Coast to Coast...

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Don T Leave Home Without It Web
Don't Leave Home Without It: What Does a Guide Pack?

We have all had those moments in our lives on the trail where we'd wished we had that one item….

You know. That one thing...

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Ask A Pro Long Backpacking Web
Backpacking 101: 8 Tips for Beginners to Start Backpacking

You’ve day hiked most, if not all, the trails near your home and spots within a weekend car camp’s radius. Now, you want to go...

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Hiking In Sandals 4
Why Hiking in Sandals Rocks—Sometimes
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Featured Image Cheyava Falls
Trail Finder: Cheyava Falls Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Cheyava Falls, AZ

As you backpack Grand Canyon National Park, stop by the tallest waterfall in the Grand Canyon. Words and images by Oboz Ambassador Cameron Davison.

First look...
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Img 2055
View from the Outdoor Shop Floor (or: Why I Love Oboz Footwear Packaging)

I look around and the store has died down.

Disheveled boxes are scattered throughout the shoe department. It's time to match the disregarded pairs, pack them...

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Screen Shot 2019 06 13 At 12 06 05 Pm
Tips from a Dad: How to Hike with Kids (Successfully)

As a new parent, I recently asked Oboz Ambassador and dad, Stephen Pierce, how he transitioned from hiking exciting and challenging trails to dialing it...

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13 Cirque Beach
Light and Fast in Maui

Are you familiar with the term non-attachment? It doesn’t mean non-commitment or non-emotional. It means to be non-attached to preconceived ideas.

I love this concept...

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How to Hike and Camp Safely with Your Dog

Although dogs are a huge commitment and big responsibility, they can change your life for the better. When I first got Ego, I was finishing...

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Useask A Pro Long Low Vs Mid Web B
Ask a Pro: Do I Want a Low Hiking Shoe or Mid Hiking Boot?

Welcome to our fourth installation of Ask a Pro, where guides from Wildland Trekking, offer professional advice for life on the trail.


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