Kelly Amber Dolan


Name: Kelly Amber Dolan

Hometown: Born, raised and living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Where I’ve Been: I explored as a child in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia and connected with the wilderness as an adult throughout the Canadian Rockies. As a volunteer hut custodian with the Alpine Club of Canada, I have had the opportunity to ski to historical places such as Elizabeth Parker Hut and Elk Lakes Cabin, as well as hike through Yoho National Park to Abbot Pass Hut. I have been to Iceland and Norway, and I hope to visit more overseas destinations soon. 

Why I Hike: As I venture further into the wilderness, my stress levels melt away. The sights, sounds and smells of the backcountry provide me with a sense of peace that I seldom find anywhere else. I am also thankful to have met some of my closest friends out on the trails.

Lead The Way: I’m planning a couple of ski hut trips this winter, as well as regular cross-country ski days and some small summits in between. This summer I will embark on a 4-6 day backpacking trip deep in the Purcell Mountain Range of BC, in an area with few trails or services. After careful planning, the reward will be many alpine lakes, waterfalls and expansive views. Other overnight backpacking plans and plenty of day hikes throughout the year will allow me to keep checking places off my growing list.

Ambassador Focus: #fastandlight

Find Me:

Instagram: @ibex.kelly.amber

Facebook: Kelly Amber Dolan