Nicole Will


Name: Nicole Will

Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina

Where I’ve Been: My love for the outdoors was born in some of my earliest experiences: camping, canoeing, and backpacking with my family in the hills of North Georgia. Throw in my restless spirit, and I've made it all over the world. I've worked at a fly fishing ranch, ski resort, and high adventure Boy Scout base. 

Why I Hike: I love travel and the outdoors, and I've worked with at-risk adolescents as in wilderness therapy. Supporting others in unplugging and getting out into the great wide world is my biggest motivator!

Lead The Way: In addition to guiding with Wildland Trekking, I solo hike and explore with others; my favorite memories are formed around camaraderie and a shared experience. 

Ambassador Focus: #protip

Find Me:

Instagram: @wildlandtrekking