Traci Salisbury


Name: Traci Salisbury

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Where I’ve Been: I have many memorable great hikes, and one of my favorite is completing California's Lost Coast Trail with my best friend. There was also the time I led Wildland Trekking clients on a 6-day llama trekking trip into the backcountry of Yellowstone during a rogue September snowstorm.

Why I Hike: The beauty and the mystery. The first time I camped out west, in Colorado at 9,000 feet, the view of the Milky Way was something I had never seen before when I was growing up on the east coast.

Lead The Way: I'm a guide with Wildland Trekking and I live #vanlife; my home is a converted Chevy E250 van.

 I solo hike and explore with others; my favorite memories are formed around camaraderie and a shared experience. 

Ambassador Focus: #protip

Find Me:

Instagram: @wildlandtrekking