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Boot review: Men’s Bridger 8" Insulated Waterproof
By Kyle Taylor

One word I never thought I would associate with an insulated boot is “versatile”. However after nearly nine months of putting the Men's Bridger 8”...

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Olga Erosova Tunnel Mountain2
Trail Finder: Tunnel Mountain Trail, Banff, Alberta, Canada
By Shauna Morey

Cover photo: Tunnel Mountain, Tatonka, The Sleeping Buffalo. Photo credit: Olga Erosova

Editor's note: Last week, Obozmobile master Dave Dolph and a team of brand...

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Hike Like Awoman17
Why Every Kid Should Be Outside
By Guest Blogger

Cover image: From left to right: Mickey, Jaydon, 10, Krystina, 7, Raylan, 3, Wyatt, 1. Photo credit: Krystal Creager.

Editor's note: We met Mickey Sanderson at...

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5 Biggest Myths Hurting Our Public Lands
By Donielle Stevens

Cover image: Wildlife that come close to humans are often eradicated by land managers because of disease concerns. Photo credit: Stephanie Whatton and Andy Mossey


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Img 0973
Boot Review: Women's Sapphire Mid Waterproof
By Rachel Walker

Cover image: View from Goatfell summit, Isle of Arran, Scotland. The author's Sapphire Mid Waterproof boots have taken her to lots of great places. All...

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Trail Finder: Mount LeConte, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
By Aaron Ibey

Cover image: Author Aaron Ibey lets his Oboz enjoy the view from the summit of Mount Le Conte.

Located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park...

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Jesse Cunningham Bridger Review 001
Boot Review: Men's Bridger Mid Waterproof
By Jesse Cunningham

Cover image: The Bridger Mid takes a rest break in a patch of Arrowleaf Balsamroot during a spring break-in hike in central Washington. All images:...

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Roll4 12 Of 22
The Final Miles: 100 Mile Wilderness en route to Katahdin, end of the AT
By Aaron Ibey

ED. note: In 2016 summer ambassador Aaron Ibey hiked the Appalachian Trail. His plans to write in his journal every day didn't quite work out...

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Headshot 1
Adventure into the Unkown
By Guest Blogger

Canadian Benjamin Jordan was an Oboz Footwear Ambassador in 2016, and he still stays in touch! Which is pretty incredible considering he's typically so far...

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Img 5329
Trail Finder: Freel Peak Summit, South Lake Tahoe, CA
By Donielle Stevens

Cover: Donielle and her partner celebrate at the summit of Freel Peak. Photo: Donielle Stevens

The tallest peak in the Lake Tahoe Basin at 10,881 feet...

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Arctic Team 3290
Photo Essay: Arctic Arts Project
By Guest Blogger

Cover Image: Arctic Arts Team members Kerry Koepping, Carsten Egevang, Orvar Porgeirsson. Images courtesy of Arctic Arts Project.

The goal of the Arctic Arts Project is...

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