One More Tree Event at Mountain Trails

Try on a pair. Plant a tree.

At our One More Tree Event, when you try on a pair of Oboz (yup, just try them on)...

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Plateau Point Looking West
How to Backpack the Grand Canyon
By Cameron Davison

More than 5,000,000 people visit the Grand Canyon every year! For the most part, many of us will be the onlookers gazing from atop the...

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2011 Ebc Trek 318
Journeys Nepal and Oboz Footwear: A visual story of mountains and friendship
By Guest Blogger

Several years ago, our founder John Connelly traveled to Nepal with Kumar Karakheti, founder and lead guide or Journeys Nepal. A Nepalese native who now...

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How to Shoot Amazing Outdoor Images
By Tara_Schatz

Waking up before dawn and leaving my husband sleeping, I creep along the trail, coffee in one hand, camera in the other. It’s still dark...

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20180307 162336
Oboz Review: W's Wind River III Waterproof
By Carissa Logan

What is the Wind River III?


Any hiker will tell you one of the most important things they own is a good pair of shoes. For...

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2018 03 19 14 29 45
Notes from the Appalachian Trail
By Bruce_Matson

I always planned to start my hike "early," which I defined generally as before "the bubble," by which I meant early to mid-March to mid-April...

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Milosz Pierwola 53
Trail Finder: Lion Head Trail, Mount Washington, New Hampshire
By Milosz Pierwola

One of the most dangerous mountains in the world hides in plain sight just a day’s drive from cities like Washington DC, New York, Boston...

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C Alvarez Carryonitems
How to Plan an International Hiking Trip
By Clariza_Alvarez

Planning an international hiking trip requires more prep than a local hike. Here author Clariza Alvarez shows her carry-on cache. (Minus the dog; pooch stays...

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Img 4761
How I Became a Search and Rescue Dog Trainer
By Alyssa_Hitchcock

It’s a beautiful bluebird day, truly ideal hiking weather. Instead of following the trail toward the popular summit, I veer left and start crashing through...

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Brand Identification Guidelines
Gear Review: W's Juniper Mid Waterproof
By Imogene_Cancellare

I’ve been wearing Oboz boots for 8 years. I bought my first pair in 2010 and have loved their ability to traverse all sorts of...

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Img 57061
Oboz Review: Men's Campster
By Nkrumah Frazier

There are few things more bothersome than setting out on a 12-15 mile hike and ending up limping back into camp or to your car...

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