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Bearfoot Theory

Kristen Bor

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The goal at Bearfoot Theory is to show you how to get outside. It's a blog for EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Hikers. Skiers. Campers. Environmentalists. Travelers. Backpackers. Paddlers. Sun-bathers. They aim to get you outdoors and having fun.

Getting outside should be simple, but the truth is travel planning can be tough. Where do you even start? With the right information, the right gear, and a healthy dose of inspiration, Bearfoot Theory breaks down the barriers that prevent you from getting outside or taking that first big trip abroad. Time? Money? Skills? Gear? They tackle all of these roadblocks step by step and show you that traveling and getting outside is easy and accessible. Whether you’re a complete outdoor newbie or have trekked all around the globe, Bearfoot Theory is the place you’ll find relatable advice, trip reports, and useful tips to help you simplify your adventure planning – so you can stop making excuses and start spending more time outside.

Kristen Bor is the Sprinter van-dwelling, booty-shaking, GoPro toting full-time adventure travel blogger behind Bearfoot Theory. She has lots of insight into what it takes to be adventure-ready, and we at Oboz are stoked to partner with her and her team.

Kristen Bor

Name: Kristen

Hometown: I spend summers living in my Sprinter Van and winters in Salt Lake City, Utah

Where I’ve Been: In 2014, right after I quit my 9-5 to start my blog Bearfoot Theory, I spent 22 days hiking the John Muir Trail. To this day, it was one of the best and most transformative adventures I’ve been on. Not only did I learn so many important wilderness skills, it taught me what I’m capable of and convinced me to put my all into my blog so the outdoors could be a greater part of my daily life. Since then, I’ve spent 10 days backpacking in Alaska, hiked the W trail in Patagonia, and trekked to Everest Basecamp, which were all amazing experiences. For the most part though, I travel in my van and spend my time in the Western US, exploring as many trails as I can.

Why I Hike: Hiking is so much more than just pretty views and photos. For me, it’s a way to get healthy, build strength, and gain confidence. In 2007, hiking helped me lose 40 pounds, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Hiking also helps me set aside time to meditate on what’s really important and to spend quality time with myself and friends. 

Lead The Way: This year, my big goal was to pull off a 400 person van life festival/campout I organized called Open Roads Fest that took place in July. In addition to all of the van stuff, we also had hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and live music going on all weekend. That, along with traveling in my van, was my big “expedition” for 2019. I’m doing it all again in 2020, but next year I also want to squeeze in a big hiking trip in Europe. 

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