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Bridger Mid and Bridger Vent Waterproof: The best combo for everything from snow to sand!

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Contrary to popular belief, Arizona is not just a dry, desolate desert. Rain and snow have been abundant this winter in the desert southwest. Recently, half the state was covered in snow. This is why I have a quiver of Oboz Footwear Bridgers in my garage. Seriously.Satellite Image Medium 2019 02 23 1800 1024x797 GOES West GOES 17 satellite

GOES-17 Satellite Courtesy Image of Arizona weather in early March.

With everything from snow to flash floods to rain to arid conditions, I want to be able to hit the trail with the right boot for the conditions. Currently my favorite picks are the Bridger Mid Waterproof, a classic, and the new Bridger Vent Mid Waterproof

The Bridger Vent Mid is built from the ground up with Oboz's Granite Peak Outsole. It features synthetic mesh panels for improved breathability. The boot also has incredible ankle support, a rubber toe cap for protection, a molded heel counter, and more. (Check out the specs here).

I used both my Bridger Mids and my Bridger Vent Mids (I have both in BDry for waterproofing) from the winter through now, and here's my comparison of the two.

Bridger Mid Waterproof

Keeping our feet warm and dry may seem like an oxymoron of sorts given we live in the desert, but truth be told our Bridger Mid Waterproofs have received non-stop action this winter for both my son and me. Playing in the snow Bridger Mid Waterproof Father Son and Juniper Low Hydro Mother

Bridger Mid Waterproof Father Son Weavers Needle
Bridger Mid Waterproof at Massacre Falls

From the snowy mountains of Northern Arizona to chasing waterfalls and climbing boulders in the Superstition Wilderness east of Phoenix.

Bridger Vent Mid

As the temperatures began to rise and the soil dried, having a breathable option to wear on the trail was a welcomed treat this season. The Bridger Vent Mid did not disappoint. It had the classic Bridger's comfort and kept our feet as dry as the creeks and washes. Bridger Vent Mid Traction

The Bridger Vent Mid Waterproof has impeccable traction, too!National Trail South Mountain
On days like this, the Bridger Vent Mid Waterproof kept feet dry and comfortable.

Bonus: Anytime you can slip on a boot and it feels like your foot is wrapped in a pillow is just plain nonsense (in the best possible way). This is how it feels to wear either models of the Bridger.

The tough decision to make now is which pair I’ll wear in a few weeks as we drop into the Grand Canyon on an eight-day adventure!

Ambassador Cameron Davison, a.k.a. "Daddy Bookins" is based in Chandler, AZ., and loves to explore the desert on foot. Check him out here and follow him on Instagram at @daddybookins.

Men's Bridger Vent Mid
MSRP $150.00

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