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Cirque Low Waterproof: Lightweight, Fast, and Durable

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When my new Cirque Low B-Dry arrived this winter, Montreal was facing some of the worst weather we could imagine. Despite the snow, I took them on two long runs—about 15 kilometers and with about 1000 meters of elevation gain.All geared up Trist

First Impressions

I was looking for a shoe to get up in the mountains as fast as possible, and the Cirque Low is everything I wanted. This shoe allows you to feel free yet confident on your run/hike because it is strong, durable, and can go the distance.CAHK20180914 4980

Lightweight Powerhouse

Weighing in at 14 oz., the Cirque has a synthetic microsuede upper with no-sew panels, a microsuede mud guard, the Oboz Footwear Bdry waterproof membrane and a lightweight, breathable knit mesh. The Tempest outsole cuts weight without compromising performance. It has beveled tread wraps for toe protection, multi-directional lugs for braking, traction and support. Active flex grooves support metatarsal movement and contour to the trail.

Put simply: all of the weight savings come from strategic design of the outsole and the upper. Though it’s not marketed as a running shoe, the Cirque can endure kilometers of trail running or fast and light hiking.

On-Trail Performance

The Cirque holds perfectly on dry rocks, roots and mud. In the snow it was solid and aggressive.Deep in snow

The Cirque is fearless in all conditions. Image: Tristan Hogue

Ideal Foot Protection

There is something that the new Cirque Low has that most of the hiking or trail running shoes don’t have these days: TPU stabilizers. These will save your feet on a long and tiring days. These stabilizers are the orange part of the outsole and provides torsional flex and allows for natural articulation.soleCirque


The Oboz proprietary B-Dry waterproof membrane does a fantastic job by keeping your feet dry and breathable.

Bottom Line

I’ve been totally satisfied with this brand new Oboz Cirque Low B-Dry.

Tristan Hogue is a Canadian mountaineer who recently circumnavigated Mont Blanc in France and is going to hike 30 peaks in 30 days in the European Alps this summer. Follow him at @trist.hogue

Men's Cirque Low Waterproof
MSRP $145.00

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