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Five Hikes Where You Want to Go Fast and Light

Rachel Walker

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For the days when you want to go fast and light, weight matters. You want to carry the fewest grams of gear without putting yourself in harm’s way. This can mean superlight outerwear, carrying a water filter instead of a massive water bladder, and, of course, lightweight shoes like the Oboz Footwear Cirque Low (15.9 ounce/shoe).

I recently put my Cirques to the test by hiking up Green Mountain in Boulder, Colorado. This is a seven-mile popular hike that climbs about 2,800 feet. The Cirques offered a classic Oboz fit, but the lightness was something new. My feet felt unencumbered and my legs did not get as tired.

I plan to go further and faster in these shoes this summer. Here are some of the trails I’m dreaming about.

1. Four Pass Loop, Aspen, Colorado (pictured above)

Distance: 27.1 miles

Info: This classic route circumnavigates the Maroon Bells, iconic peaks outside of Aspen. As the name suggests, the trail covers four mountain passes (all around 12,500 feet). Backpackers typically cover it in four days; trail runners knock if out in one. I’d like to hike this (quickly) to maximize the minimalism and get a whole body immersion in remote meadows, high lakes, and wildflowers galore.

2. The Beaten Path, Absaroka Range, Montana

Distance: 26.6 miles

Info: There’s remote, and then there’s Montana remote. This point-to-point trail in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in the Gallatin National Forest travels from East Rosebud to Cooke City. Experience expansive views of jagged peaks, rolling hills, and thick forests. If you’re lucky, you might see a grizzly bear or wolf.

3. Rogue River Trail, Oregon

Distance: 40 miles

Info: There’s no rule saying you have to hike the entirety of this trail that abuts Oregon’s majestic Rogue River, but you might want to build in some time to do just that. Picture a path through massive old growth forest and adjacent to a wild, rumbling river with ideal swimming holes situated relatively evenly along the trail. With established campsites, developed campgrounds, and several trailheads, this is a trail that can be explored in many ways. Going fast and light gives you that much more spring in your step on the adventure.

4. Piute Pass, Bishop, California

Distance: 9.6miles

Info: The granite peaks of the Sierra have long drawn mountain climbers and hikers seeking the trademark beauty of massive mountains and looming cliffs. This 16.7-mile hike is gateway to Humphrey Basin, a lake-filled valley that remains relatively unchanged since John Muir and others first wandered through it. This hike is easily accomplished in a day.

5. Grand Island Loop, Grand Island National Recreation Area, Michigan

Distance: 19.5 miles

Info: An upper peninsula island accessed by ferry, Grand Island offers front row seats to the Great Lakes. Hikers will encounter beaches and a lighthouse, cliffs and their views, and a diverse forest filled with critters (including black bears).

(Curious about the Cirque Low? See them up close here and check them out on the website):CAHK20180914 4518 Resized

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Rachel Walker is a writer and editor based in Boulder, Colorado. Follow her on Instagram at @racheljowalker.

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