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Gear Forward Helps Kids Get Outside

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How Do You Pay the Outdoors Forward?

Gear Forward  is a way for the outdoor community at large to help the youth of our country get outfitted so they can get outdoors. I founded this organization because of formative experiences I had as a boy in the outdoors.

For me it was the Boy Scouts and a wonderful Scoutmaster and dedicated adult leaders who were committed to paying on their love of the outdoors to us young men. Now, the next generation needs help getting outdoors—and they need the gear to get there.

Every Child Should KnowWhat This Tastes Like

What It Is

Gear Forward's mission is to simply serve as the conduit between the outdoor community (and your excess gear) and the organizations that need it to help our youth have the same experiences we had as we were growing up.

How it Works

First, we solicit donations of used gear, with a focus on tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags. Then, we sell that donated gear on our Gear Forward Store. All proceeds are used to pay for the shipment of donated gear to the youth organizations that we support.

Why Donate?

We have all been there... rummaging through our garage or gear closet to get ready for a weekend adventure only to realize that you have too much gear. As you sift through sleeping bags, you find one only purchased three years ago that you only used twice. You notice a backpack that didn't fit quite right that you never returned to your local outfitter. What are you going to do with all this unused, yet perfectly good gear? Let is sit in your closet and clutter it up, so packing for a trip is always a chore? Or is there a better way?

Give Your Old Tent ANew Lease on Life

Additional Ways to Help 

Another way to help the adventurers of tomorrow is to help us identify the pockets of need in your own community. Is there a local camp that needs gear for their campers, a faith-based outdoor group who is in need or a local Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop that has scouters who need a hand? If you know of such a need locally, please let us know... We want to help.

More Info

If you wish donate gear please visit our website to begin the process. If you have items you wish to donate for sale please visit our donate page to learn more. And, you know of an organization in need or are an organization wishing to partner with Gear Forward please visit our website.

At the heart of everything we do are the folks who make the magic happen. A group of likeminded footwear-industry vets who left our big-brand jobs back in 2007 intent on doing business a better way. 

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