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Gear Review: Women's Bridger Mid Waterproof

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The Bridger Mid is a boot with a sole for adventure! (See what I did there?). Corny puns aside, this boot will take you places. The unique “O Fit” insole provides cushioning and comfort, while offering you a tremendous amount of support. The B-Dry Waterproof feature will keep your feet dry and comfortable no matter the season. BridgerMid

All images: Erin Pannazzo
Have you avoided waterproof footwear because you dread the feeling of sweaty feet that don’t get to breathe? Have no fear, these babies have a breathable membrane to allow moisture to release while keeping water out; a perfect system.

I initially found my Bridgers while on my annual trip for new boots. I say annual because that's when my boots always gave up on me. They would start to get holes and cracks and come apart at the seams, which I assumed was just par for the course for an avid hiker.Adirondacks

You know that feeling of buying a brand new pair of boots, but then being sadly disappointed knowing you can’t get right out there on your favorite trail because of the dreaded “break in” period? You can forget about that with these boots. The salesman promised I’d have no trouble putting them right to work, and he was correct. My first hike with my Bridgers felt like we’ve been together forever.

I personally have a few issues and injuries that can really set me back on the trail. With some pretty annoying back and knee problems, I wanted a really supportive boot that will help alleviate some of the stress on my problem areas. That's why I opted for the higher ankle for the first time in my hiking career, and I’m so glad I did.

The insole that you find in Oboz footwear is comparable to expensive aftermarket additions, which really gives you a bang for your buck. After having knee surgery, I really needed footwear that I can completely rely on when I got back out on the trails, and the Bridger has my complete trust.

I’ve taken these boots with me on every terrain, in every season. With their high ankle they have excellent support, but may be a bit too much boot for the middle of summer. While that still doesn’t stop me, you might want a lighter option for the warmer months. Springtime though, when everything is melting and trails are underwater, thats where these shine. Traction on wet terrain is excellent, and hiking in snow is a breeze. 

All in all, the Bridger is an excellent choice for backpacking, thru hikes, and day hikes alike. Oh, and my annual trip for new boots?

It only happens when I want these babies in a fun new color.

Erin and her rescue husky mix, Anna, have made it their priority to seek out adventure anywhere it may be. Together, they discover true happiness along the way. Follow their adventures on Instagram @Erinandadventuredog and on Faceboook at

Women’s Bridger Mid Waterproof
MSRP $180.00

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