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How to Clean the Campster

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When it comes to hiking and camping we all love a good, lightweight sandal to take with us for water crossings and to wear around the campsite. The Oboz Campster does all of that with the added benefit of featuring Oboz’s trademark, supportive footbed, which makes it worth the investment. IMG 20180403 174853

All images: Kaci Stringer

Keep this shoe clean and care properly for the polyester webbing and rubber outsoles, and it will last a lifetime (without stinking!). Here’s how to clean your Campsters with Nikwax Sandal Wash:

  1. Give your Campsters a good rinse with clean water.  This will remove any loose dirt and dampen the surface.
    IMG 20180403 172703
  2. Shake the Nikwax Sandal Wash bottle well before use and press on the sponge applicator to break the seal.  (It’s important not to use regular detergent on your sandals because it will leave a residue and could harm the material.)
  3. Apply the product generously over the areas that need to be cleaned.
    IMG 20180403 173901
  4. If your Campsters are very dirty, you may use a stiff nylon brush, such as a nail brush, to scrub them.  Be sure you give the sole a good scrub.
    IMG 20180403 174137
  5. Once you have lathered up and scrubbed away rinse well with clean water.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 & 5 as needed depending on how dirty your Campsters are.
    IMG 20180403 174639
  7. Wipe off excess water with a towel and let your Campsters dry away from any heat source.

*Note: The color may run so you should test the product on a hidden area first.

 Next up: go get them dirty again!

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