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Meet the the O FIT Insole™ Plus: It's what's inside that counts.

Rachel Walker

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In the vast world of hiking boots, the Oboz Footwear O FIT system set us apart from the competition. Integral to that system is our O FIT Insole. Unlike other boot insoles that were nothing more than a 2-mm piece of foam that offered little support, our insole is more durable and constructed. It holds feet in neutral positions, has a deep heel pocket to keep the back of your foot from sliding around, and provides proper arch support over the miles.   

Which is why this fall we released the O FIT Insole™ Plus, our after-market insole. Use it to revitalize old Oboz or to make your other shoes fit more like your Oboz. We caught up with Peter Carioscia, one of our in-house product experts, to get the down low on what makes the O FIT Insole™ Plus so unique.

Is this the same insole that comes stock with Oboz products?

We decided to upgrade the O FIT Insole™ Plus a bit from our stock insole. The upper part of the insole is made with memory foam, and have a high density EVA arch and heel cup. We also used medium density EVA throughout and placed Poron comfort pods in in the heel and metatarsal, and an anti-microbial odor control top layer.

What exactly does all of that mean?

It means this insole will keep its shape and hold your foot in the proper neutral position. The materials provide extraordinary bounce back and is very resilient.

Describe the feel of the O FIT Insole™ Plus.

It has a deep heel pocket and keeps your heel from sliding around inside of the shoe. It's supportive and durable, and it is not going to wear down, thanks to the memory foam, high density EVA and Poron comfort pods.

What are other advantages of an after market insole?

Not everybody’s arch length is the same as their foot length. This means that sometimes people buy shoes with an insole that isn’t the right arch length. The O FIT Insole™ Plus allows customers to buy an insole that fits their arch and then trim the insole to fit their shoe for a customized fit.

What do you say to customers who are reticent to pay $30 for an aftermarket insole after already paying for a new pair of Oboz?

The stock insole in our Oboz is excellent. The O FIT Insole™ Plus is an upgraded version of what you already have. Essentially customers who buy the Insole Plus are paying $30 for a plush and luxurious version of what’s already working really well. Some might want them for their own Oboz, or they might want it for other brands of shoes in their closet.

O FIT Insole™ Plus Medium Arch
MSRP $29.95

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