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Oboz: A Love Story

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Ed. Note: Eb, who blogs at Nimble Will Nomad, is one of our most rigorous boot testers out there. And at age 78, he’s certainly one of our most wizened. We look forward to his feedback and the accounts of his exploits. In return for putting Oboz through the ringer, he delivers cogent, helpful feedback. He also reminds us of the adage carpe diem. Here’s his latest musings on the Oboz Sundogs.

A couple weeks ago I completed my final segment of the Pony Express National Historic Trail (123 miles in northeast Kansas). The heat and humidity were brutal--had to walk much in the shoulder grass and gravel when the tarmac began bubbling.

Having finished the "Pony" I've now hiked all six of our National Historic Overland Trails/Trails of Westward Expansion (the Lewis and Clark [twice], Santa Fe, Oregon, California, Mormon Pioneer, and the Pony Express). I'm pretty sure that having hiked all these trails is a first, so I'm particularly proud of this accomplishment--at near age 78.

Ah, and your dependable "True to the Trail" Sundogs  once again carried me through successfully--570 miles of unforgivably grinding desert, plus 123 miles of anvil-hard pavement, close to 700 miles in all!

It truly is amazing—the condition they're still in—considering the grueling miles of harsh pounding they've had to endure. Whatever adhesive y'all use to fix the toe nubbers down and to attach the soles to the uppers, it's absolutely the best. Other brands, well, the nubbers invariably came loose after the first stubbing or two, and the soles soon enough separated from the uppers. So, you'll never need improve that process—it's bulletproof; I've proven that for you! Oh, and the only failure (if you want to call it that) is that one of the lace loops detached, a minor problem for sure.

As to future treks, I've no definite plans. I am considering giving a go at old Route-66 next season, from Chicago to Los Angeles, but we'll just have to see. If my health and stamina stay with me, then such an undertaking would certainly be possible. Fear is, of course, if I quit--that'd soon be it!

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