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Oboz Employees Share Their "Mom Stoke"

Regan Betts

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We asked Oboz employees how their moms have influenced their passion for life, whether that's in the outdoors, at work, with family, travel, or how they view the future. 

Read below to see some of their "Mom Stoke"! 

Kelly Schell, Dealer Services
My mom taught me a few things that I have carried with me my whole life: always be kind to other people and treat them the way you would want to be treated; to take care of my mental/physical health and the environment; and to be present for others.

Kelly Mom
Kelly as a kid with her mom and siblings

Otto Stefan, Footwear Designer
My mom has taught me to be thoughtful in all the decisions I make and view things first from others’ points of view, as the decisions and actions you take often affect those around you. She has shown me that you don’t have to do things the way that others do, or how others expect you to and your own way is usually the best way. My mom is also an incredibly hard worker and that ethic has worn off on my brothers and me. Below is a pic of my mom, brothers and myself before the Ridge Run a couple years back.

Otto Mom
Otto with his mom and brothers

Josh Wise, Graphic Designer
Beyond all the boring mom stuff: unconditional love, building self-esteem, always supportive, yada-yada-yada (kidding! all super important), my mom instilled in me a sense of freedom and independence. When we were kids, I would play in the backyard, run around in the woods with friends, go camping, play by the river, bike on the trails, etc…. I think just having that freedom to explore and learn on my own outside inspired me to love the outdoors. Or, she was just over it after me being kid number four and figured what the hell. Either way, it seems to have worked out. Thanks mom!

Josh Mom
Baby Josh and his mom

Regan Betts, Content & Communications
I'm an only child and grew up on a Mid Ohio Valley farm, so my mom would often scoot me and all my energy outside, but she was never too far behind. She was my cheerleader and watchful eye when I climbed trees, rode horses, caught tadpoles and fished in the pond, and when I joined the swim, softball, track, and volleyball teams. When I wanted to move to the Rockies after college, she definitely didn't hide her sadness, but supported me in every way; and now she loves to come visit. My willingness to try new things and keeping an objective mind comes from her, as well as knowing the importance of good judgment (thanks, Mom!).

Regan Mom
Regan and her mom

Peter Carioscia, Outreach & Training Specialist
In the late 1960s, my parents decided it would be fun to rent a 14’ tag-a-long trailer and take the family camping for two weeks in upstate New York. My mother was not the camping sort, but she wanted to please the family more than she cared about her creature comforts. So, with two kids and two dogs, we headed up the NYS Thruway. About two hours into the trip, we got a flat on the trailer. Later that night when we arrived at the first campground, Mom sorted dinner and cooked on the tiny stove and cleaned up with the even tinier sink. At bedtime, my parents turned the table into a bed (it was barely larger than a twin) and my brother and I took the bunk above. The dogs had no room on the floor, so they found their way onto the small bed with my parents. During the night, I was woken up to my mother’s screams and then laughter. Apparently, the table bed they had made collapsed because some pipe broke and filled the box below it with water. My parents fell into the cold water, tangled in sheets and dogs, and apples that were stored below bobbing around them. A thousand other things went wrong on that trip, but when we got home my Mom suggested we look to buy a trailer that was bigger and not such a piece of junk for the next time. It was that trip that opened our family up to adventure and the outdoors.

Below is a picture of my mom, 83 years young, standing beside my Oboz van when I was traveling in south Florida not too long ago.

PeterVanLife 7
Peter's mom

Jessica DeLashmutt, Product Developer
My mom has always encouraged my passion to create. She was always helping and encouraging me to learn new crafts and achieve what I dreamed. In the picture, I think we are working on a doll house but it looks like we have three different crafts going.

Jessica Mom
Jessica and her mom

Wendy Stanley, Dealer Services Manager
My Mom taught me to be proud of myself and to work hard. She was my softball coach, my cheerleader, always had my back and always told me she knew I’d be okay. Like a cat, she would say, I’d land on my feet. My Mom just passed away in December. It will be an odd Mother’s Day. But what isn’t odd in life right now?

Wendy Mom

Wendy's mom

Anna Martinsson, Product Development
My favorite topic!!! I just can’t believe I have to fit a novel's worth into a short paragraph.

My mom taught me to be present and find the light in every situation, with the exception of extreme wanderlust.

Anna Mom
Anna's mom

Lydia Sturgis, Dealer Services
My mom has always been a force of nature in my life. She is bold and pursues everything that she wants life. She has always encouraged a sense of play in the outdoors. You are never simply just walking on a trail. She has supported me in everything I desire in my own life while being a hip, cool mom.

Lydia Mom
Lydia and her mom

Corey McPherson, Dealer Services & Hiking Triple Crowner
My mom definitely helped influence my appreciation of/respect for the outdoors and I get my ability to self-motivate and determination from her, which can help in all aspects of life!

Amy Beck, President
My mom taught me the value of hard work, undying commitment to doing what you say you will do and that if you put your mind to it you can do anything! Pretty lucky.

Tony Kindred, Logistics Manager
My mom has instilled in me the strong convictions of my faith, compassion for others, integrity and honesty. These characteristics have been the major force behind the way I have lived my life. They carry over into every aspect of what I do and who I am. I’ve grown up spending a lot of my time outdoors and applied this passion to working for the Montana Conservation Corp during my teen years. Trail work, watershed restoration and community service was a way for me to feel like I’m making our environment and community a better place for others to enjoy. For me, it’s about sharing what I/we have with others to enjoy.

Regan Betts

Regan manages content and communications at Oboz Footwear. She lives in Bozeman with her husband, daughter, and dog.

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