Oboz for Christmas (your kids will thank you...eventually)

Rsz Snow Cave
As an outdoor travel writer who owns more hiking boots than heels, with kids who would rather sleep in a tent than in a luxury resort, I do more than my fair share to ensure gear companies stay in business. This is especially evident during the holidays.

And it's always worked great—until the year of the snowshoes.

Despite loving snow, hiking, and the mountains, my kids strongly resisted snowshoeing. They thought it was boring and slow. But I love it, and I'm Mom. Which is why one Christmas three pairs of shiny new snowshoes went under the tree, complete with gators, boots, and poles. The result on Christmas morning was… underwhelming.

So I planned a ‘high adrenaline’ snowshoeing trip to Central Oregon, where we leapt off snow banks, built snow caves, and played snowball tag while exploring the Cascades on snowshoe with one of our favorite outdoor guide services, Wanderlust Tours.

Hey Mom! Snowshoeing actually IS fun. Images: Amy Whitley

The kids had a blast. Snowshoeing got a little bit cooler. Ever since, we’ve explored backcountry huts on snowshoe and enjoyed snowshoe trek bonfires.

Maybe snowshoeing is not your personal nemesis.

Maybe someone in your family resists hiking, backpacking, or camping.

If so, take the plunge and put a new pair of hiking boots under the tree.
And if not, if your loved ones already adore trails and hiking, they'll most certainly love Oboz. Having something new will encourage them to give the activity a second try (or else the guilt will get to them), and sometimes, a second try is all that’s needed.

Need boot recommendations? Here are my picks:

Oboz EmeraldPeak for women: More shoe than boot, the Emerald Peak isn’t intimidating, and feels more like a sneaker.

Oboz Sundog for men: My teen son’s personal favorite hiking and exploration boot, the Sundog is flexible and lightweight, so the risk of blister complaints is slim to none.

Oboz BridgerMid Bdry: With versions for men or women, this is my favorite all-round backpacking boot. It will work for just about anyone, so it makes for a good pick if you’re not sure where the recipient’s outdoor pursuits will lead.

Amy Whitley is a freelance writer, family travel blogger, and outdoor adventure columnist in Southern Oregon. The founder of Pit Stops for Kids, Amy also works directly with family travel brands and services as Trekaroo's sponsorship manager and is the Southern Oregon expert for Travel Oregon. She can be found @pitstopsforkids.

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