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Cover image: Oboz Ambassador Aaron Hussmann and his girlfriend, Donielle Stevens, will spend the next year on the road educating others how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. All images: Aaron Hussmann

It’s no secret that I love my Oboz. I’ve written blogs about my footwear addiction. I’ve proudly and unabashedly extolled the virtues of Oboz to any stranger who will listen. I’ve even sold a few pairs to now-proud owners while working at Tahoe-based Lake of the Sky Outfitters. Yet after years of Oboz ownership and thousands of miles logged in my favorite boots, one thing I’ve never had to do with my Oboz is choose between them.


Oboz Ambassador Aaron Hussmann displays his Oboz quiver proudly.  

For a year (starting last spring), my girlfriend and I will be living on the road as we embark on an adventure as this year’s Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers. Living out of a Subaru means I don’t have room for my 14 pairs of Oboz boots (I know, I have a problem). It means I’ll have to select a few pairs while relegating the others to a year spent tucked away, neglected in a cold, dark storage unit.

I’ve committed to bringing just four of my fourteen pairs of Oboz on the road, each carefully selected to provide the comfort, durability, and versatility for a year’s worth of exploring the outdoors.


I’ve written an ode to the now discontinued Sling Sandal before, but entering their sixth summer of wear and tear, my pair is still going strong. These sandals will be the perfect way to relax around camp or keep my feet cool on long drives across the Rockies. 

For those crisp dawn and cool dusk trail runs, mountain bike rides, and ordinary down time around camp I’m also bringing the Sundog. These lightweight, cushy, and breathable shoes are beefy enough to support any fast-paced activity while also being comfortable enough to rock them from sun up to sun down. 


The Sawtooth Mid BDry is hands down my favorite boot in the Oboz arsenal. Part of this favoritism lies in sentimental value, as the Sawtooths accompanied me on my 500 mile summer in 2013

rsz img 0031

Oboz Sawtooth Mid BDry boots on one of their hundreds of hikes in the Tahoe region.

Most of the preferential treatment, though, comes from their supreme badassery and their ability to withstand whatever life throws at them. 

These burly, waterproof boots are the perfect tool to power through muddy spring trails rather than cutting a destructive path around them. I’m confident that whatever muddy, mucky, soaked conditions we encounter during our year on the road, the Sawtooth Mid BDry’s will end out the year looking as good as new.


The Teewinot is a stellar all-around boot that can tackle just about any slick-granite scramble while maintaining enough style to still be worn around town. The beautiful suede leather wrapping around the boot can pass as acceptable in mountain-town business meetings while the rugged outsole is ready to play as soon as the meeting is over. The Teewinots will be the perfect shoe to keep us looking professional on the road without compromising our ability to enjoy the trails. 

Choosing which pairs of shoes to bring on the road is no easy feat since the entire Oboz line offers incredible innovation, comfort, and durability. And while it’s impossible to know what the next year on the road will throw at us, we both feel comfortable knowing that our Oboz will rise to the challenge to keep our feet comfortable and protected so we can enjoy the amazing opportunities our travels present.

Aaron Hussmann is the author of 500 Miles of South Lake Tahoe Hikes and will be spending the next year with his girlfriend as a Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer team.


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